Long before the end of CBS's Survivor: The Amazon, an on-line gambling website spoiled the final two. Has it happened again?

WARNING: The following story contains spoiler information. Don't go if you don't want to know!

According to the PR Newswire, a second gambling site has confirmed unusual betting trends from the Vancouver, BC area on Survivor: Pearl Islands ... and this one has named names. Like BoDog Sportsbook and Casino in The Amazon and BetWWTS.com already in Pearl Islands, the Interrops.com online sports book has seen unusual betting activity on particular contestants.

The suspicious betting activity was centered around a female contestant from near the Vancouver area, as BetWWTS told the Associated Press. The AP guessed -- and Intertops.com confirmed -- that the contestant in question was Sandra Diaz-Twine, a 29-year-old U.S. Army vet from Fort Lewis, Washington (located between Seattle and Tacoma on Puget Sound). In addition, Intertops named a second contestant receiving heavy action from the same bettors: Osten Taylor, a 27-year-old equity trading manager from Boston, Massachusetts.

We should note at this junction that longtime Reality TV World message board member "diamond" (who was very helpful in our successful spoiling of the winner of Survivor: Africa) had posted "insider" information that indicated that Osten went a long way in the game. However, this is the first report that we have had that places Osten in the final two. From its own sources, the website Survivor News placed Osten third, stating that "two women" would make up the final two.

As a result of the betting spike, Intertops has taken Osten and Sandra off the board for regular wagers. Instead, they now offer an "exotic" bet, where people can gamble whether Osten or Sandra survives the longest. Currently, Osten has a slight edge. In addition, they have posted a seond pool where people can bet which of the other remaining contestants survives the longest. Currently, Lillian Morris, whose dramatic weight loss was confirmed by our old friend "buckeenie" in Survivor/Survivor.htm">these pictures, leads that pack.

So -- are these wagers for real? Are Osten and Sandra the final two? Or two of the final three? We don't know. We do give great weight to any information supplied by diamond and buckeenie. However, we also remember Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett's "fake final four" picture from Survivor: Pulau Tiga, so we still want to hedge our own bets. For now, at least.