Is America looking to hear more from The Osbournes matriarch Sharon Osbourne? Judging by the first few days of ratings, the answer is no.

ADVERTISEMENT reports that the overnight ratings for the first four days of The Sharon Osbourne Show have been disappointing. Instead of building on her lead-in audiences, Sharon has been losing them, finishing behind her lead-in programs in both ratings and audience share each day.

Sharon's best day was Monday, her debut, when she managed a 1.7 rating and a 5 share, merely a slight dropoff from the program airing before hers. Since then, however, Sharon's lead-ins have consistently had a rating of 1.7-1.8 and a 5 share, while The Sharon Osbourne Show has drawn a 1.4-1.6 rating and a 4 share. These numbers are closer to the disaster rumored pre-launch than to an acceptable level for a new show that should be attracting a lot of attention.

Will they improve? Critics think not. Ray Richmond of Hollywood Reporter, for one, thinks the show is "awfully close" to "the full-on train wreck that had been predicted" and dismisses Sharon as an "acquired taste." Roger Friedman of Fox News called the show "very bad" and notes that the show has had a lot of difficulty getting guests.

However, the C-list and D-list guests don't seem to bother Sharon, especially if they bring presents. The Boca Raton News reports that Sharon was gushing over a 4.11-karat diamond bone pendant that she received from guest Carmen Electra. The pendant is billed as being made to be worn by either humans or dogs, and so we guess that it would fit comfortably on what is shaping up to be a dog of a talk show.