Interest in being a Survivor contestant still runs strong ... even among people who have already been contestants. The Associated Press reports that Jeff Probst, the show's host, has been receiving tapes from former castaways hoping to land a spot on the upcoming All-Star Survivor, which will air on CBS during winter/spring 2004.

Probst denies that any former contestants have a guaranteed place on the show, not even former champions. Says Jeff, "The notion of 'just because you won entitles you to a shot' is, from my point of view, baloney." We agree.

If, in fact, casting is limited to the first four seasons, we hope that Survivor: Marquesas winner Vecepia Towery, for example, isn't anywhere in sight, since her "under-the-radar" performance wasn't exactly scintillating TV. We'd rather see Kathy, Neleh, Rob, Hunter, Gina, John, Paschal, Tammy, Sean ... in fact, just about anyone else from Survivor: Marquesas except "hole-master" Peter Harkey.