Nobody can ever say that The Bachelorette couple Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter didn't earn their $1 million payment from ABC for having their wedding televised. The Associated Press reports that Ryan and Trista held their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties this past weekend on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten... with ABC camera crews filming it all for inclusion in the network's upcoming four-hour-long special presentation of Trista and Ryan's wedding.

Current Bachelor Bob Guiney and Bachelorette runners-up Jamie Blythe and Russ Woods all attended Ryan's bachelor party. No word on whether any of the other women from the original Bachelor, who were vying along with Trista to be chosen by Alex Michael, attended Trista's party.

We admit to a certain curiousity about whether Amanda Marsh, who was selected over Trista at the end of the original Bachelor, was invited to the bachelorette party -- since Alex, her supposed beau, "cheated" with Trista after the show, leading to Alex and Amanda's breakup, We think it would have made great TV to see them together, especially after each had had a little too much to drink ... but it might not have made for the best bachelorette party. Since Trista and Ryan's contract gives the show's producer the right to "make all final decisions," though, we'll just have to wait and see.