NBC has announced that it has given first love a second chance with a big greenlight to “Little Black Book,” a new, reality romance series pilot which
Skipper Kress
Little Black Book's
Skipper Kress
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reunites bachelor Skipper Kress with eight of his former girlfriends - and offers them the opportunity to rekindle their romance while sharing a house in North Carolina. Created by Joe Livecchi and executive produced by Livecchi and Bob Kusbit for One Louder Productions, production will begin in the fall.

“This is the first reality series that’s all about real relationships,” said Livecchi. “Skip is probably the bravest guy in the world to open his heart and a house to all his ex-girlfriends.” “We all have that one special someone that got away,” Kusbit said. “We’re giving people the opportunity to change the course of their lives, to literally re-live the past. Where else can you get a chance like that?”

“Little Black Book” will offer Kress a chance to see if a woman from his past could be the love of his future, as Kress dates his exes all over again. Through the course of the show he will narrow down the group of exes to one. There’s no telling what will happen when separate chapters of Skip’s love life all come together at the same time under the same roof.

“Every single person in the house has a huge emotional investment in the outcome,” said Livecchi. “Little Black Book is the absolute best chance of ever seeing real love lost or gained on television”.

Kress is a 27 year old Charlotte, NC bartender/manager and University of North Carolina at Charlotte graduate who is said by NBC to be "known locally as North Carolina’s most eligible bachelor." (EDITOR'S NOTE: Come on North Carolina... yet another reality television bartender is the person considered to be the state's "most eligible bachelor?")

According to the network, Kress is also said to have a "talent for wooing women and remaining on friendly terms," as evidenced by his former lover’s willingness to take another risk on love. “What kinda guy could survive in a house with eight of his ex-girlfriends? He’s obviously gotta be someone pretty special,” said Kusbit.

Now allegedly ready to settle down, Kress is using his little black book one last time and turning the final page in hopes of finding Ms. Right. The series is produced by NBC Studios.