Ananova reports that Kelly Osbourne had to cancel several U.K. concerts after getting food poisoning during dinner with Elton John.

Kelly, her mother Sharon and her brother Jack, the stars of the the MTV series The Osbournes along with her father Ozzy, were guests of Elton's at his villa in southern France when Kelly became violently ill with nausea and diarrhea after eating apparently-spoiled shellfish. Although she recovered, she said that her mother "made [her] cancel [her] solo gigs" and return home. We wonder if Sharon would have been so adamant if tickets to Kelly's U.K. shows were selling better.

Kelly insists that she is "not giving up singing" despite the cancellations, even though she has been unable to find a new label since being dropped by Sony Music. She notes that she and her dad Ozzy have recorded a duet of the old Black Sabbath song "Changes" for his new album.

Not all of this story is bad news for Kelly, though. According to the Denver Post, Elton made amends to Kelly in a very expensive way. Says Kelly, "Elton's given me a massive pink diamond ring with two white diamonds on either side." We presume that Elton gave her the diamond to illustrate that, although many TV viewers might want to deliberately poison the Osbourne family, he wasn't among them yet.

As this story indicates, Kelly is at risk of becoming better known for what she has NOT done rather than what she has done. She did not appear at these concerts in England. She also did not appear at a prior performance for NME because of her supposed concern about her safety. She does not have a recording contract. She did not appear in the movie Freaky Friday as star Lindsay Lohan's best friend and bandmate, and the movie became a huge hit with Christina Vidal in her place. In fact, the 17-year-old Ms. Lohan, who has been a professional model and actress since age 3, was given her own recording contract as a result of the film -- putting her ahead of Ms. Osbourne in both acting and singing.

Along with her new diamond, Kelly has plenty of new detractors, such as controversial Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten (aka John Lydon), who was quoted by the Long Island Press describing Kelly this way: "Poor girl! Her big rebel statement is ‘I'm a punk!’ Well, sorry missus, but you're not. You're fat, that's all. You're a fatty. She's a tub o' lard.”

Such is life in Hollywood, a place where, as Billy Crystal used to say, "it is better to look good than to feel good." It sounds like Kelly Osbourne has had trouble with both.