The BBC reports that the High Court of the African nation of Malawi declared that the country's parliament overstepped its powers when it banned Big Brother Africa from the state TV network for immorality. However, the TV network has not decided whether it wants to resume airing the show, since the Malawian contestant is one of the five contestants booted from the 12-person Big Brother Africa house so far.

This past week, viewers from across Africa ousted house drama queen Abby Plaatjes from South Africa -- once again proving the rule that couples are always targeted in reality TV. In addition, Abby's on-air lover, Uganda's Gaetano Kagwa, was the hamster most nominated for eviction this week ... but four tied for the second slot, and so all five are vulnerable.

Meanwhile, according to the BBC, Namibians have ignored a request by their country's president to pull Big Brother Africa off the air and continue to follow the show in huge numbers. Perhaps Namibian interest is peaked by the fact that its representative in the house, Stefan Ludic, is one of only two hamsters not nominated for booting this week, along with Zimbabwe's Tapuwa. Potentially on the chopping block along with Gaetano are Stefan's ally Warona (Botswana), Tapuwa's friend Bayo (Nigeria), Mwisho (Tanzania) and Cherise (Zambia).

We still remember U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle attacking the fictional TV character Murphy Brown in 1992 for being a single mother, which he claimed was "mocking the importance of fathers," and so we will not make any comments about the types of politicians who are worried about the moral issues in Big Brother Africa ... except to note that you wouldn't want them on your side in a spelling bee.