Sharon Osbourne, matriarch of MTV's The Osbournes, once again is wallowing in negative publicity. This time, it relates to her long-awaited TV talk show, which is finally getting ready to start production. Launch Radio Networks reports that the show has had something other than a smooth start.

First, the show's producers couldn't decide on a direction for the show; then Sharon blew off some run-throughs, saying that she was indisposed while visiting her native U.K. In addition, the high stress levels associated with the show so far may have contributed to the hospitalization of two staffers, one for a seizure and one for an asthma attack. Although none of these crises are likely to affect the show's September 15 debut, they indicate a substantial amount of turmoil, which may be hazardous to the show's long-term health in the highly-competitive TV talk world.

For her part, Sharon insists that nothing is wrong, either with her show or with the ongoing 'Ozzfest' tour, which she says means that her husband Ozzy's "musical career is as big as it ever has been." We tend to doubt, however, that Ozzy's musical career has had as many issues with his no-shows, his poor performances, and the death of a close associate as it did this year. Oh, and he's without a label, after Sharon apparently linked his future to his daughter Kelly's.

But, despite all that as well as many other issues (discussed in this story), MTV renewed the family's TV show for a third (or is it fourth?) season ... so Sharon can continue to enjoy her fantasies for the time being.