Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and after the "Big Brother 4" producers stacked the deck in filling the house not only exclusively with singles, but with ten singles who have previous romantic relationships, the odds were pretty high it'd happen this season. Frankly, the only mild surprise is that it didn't involve one of the former couples.

This early morning (about 4AM PT) Amanda (Scott's ex) and Dave (Michelle's ex) became the first couple in the American editions of "Big Brother" to publicly engage in sex on the program. The producers must be filled with glee. As for CBS, so much for that 8PM family hour. No word yet if, as in "Big Brother 2", CBS plans to move the 8PM editions to the later 9PM hour. Since the producers likely fear Amanda will still be voted out this evening, we suspect they are urgently working to fit this footage into tonight's episode before her possible departure occurs. Of course for "Big Brother" viewers in other countries, on-air hookups are not uncommon ("Big Brother Africa" viewers recently witnessed their own first such hookup) but stateside, Amanda and Dave's actions were a first in the four seasons of the program.

For viewers following the action only on television, the news of an Amanda and Dave coupling probably comes as quite a surprise, given the program's scant coverage of their growing relationship. However, as those following the Internet live feed action are aware, Amanda and Dave have been spending an increasing amount of time with each other the past few days, including talking until 4AM PT on Tuesday morning. Last evening's events occurred after Dave and Amanda had continued their flirting yesterday evening, with Dave consuming significant amounts of wine and Amanda showing off her ability to stick her legs behind her head to her fellow houseguests.

Then, in an apparent fully premeditated and public decision, the houseguests collectively decided that Nathan would give up his Head Of Household bedroom for the evening so that the happy couple could continue their relationship in privacy -- or at least as private as it gets in a house where anyone in the country can watch your every move. Although apparently not thrilled with the idea, Nathan agreed, and at about 4AM PT, Amanda and Dave entered the HoH room and after some foreplay, began engaging in sex. Shortly thereafter, all the live feed cameras went to the "front of the house" shot for the duration of their activities. When the cameras returned, viewers learned that Dave had been sick and vomited after their lovemaking session, and the two of them settled down in Dave's bed for the remainder of the night. No word on whether it was the excess alcohol that had made Dave sick or if it was the realization of the fact that he had just had sex in front of the entire country. And for the record, Amanda assured her houseguests that unlike Scott, she does not have genital warts. A condom also appears to have been used.

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