Fresh off the renewal of the MTV series starring his family, Ozzy Osbourne is illustrating why he needs the cash. According to the Tacoma (Wash.) News Tribune, Ozzy failed to show up for the Seattle/Tacoma "Ozzfest," the heavy metal tour created by himself and his wife Sharon, who co-stars in The Osbournes series with him.

Ozzy claimed to be suffering from laryngitis, which was also the reason he gave for missing several previous shows. Said one concert-goer, who had paid a ticket-broker $400 to get a pair of tickets by the stage, "I'm mad at him right now. Four days to get over laryngitis?"

However, the concerts went on without Ozzy and the concert frontman on stage chastised people who booed Ozzy's no-show -- treating Ozzy'd illness as more serious than mere laryngitis. "Don't you ... boo! [Ozzy]'s the godfather of metal and he's fallen ill. Keep Ozzy in your prayers tonight. Let's hope he gets well soon."

While we think it's more than a little strange to request prayers to aid in recovering from laryngitis, we note that Ozzy has other ailments that affect his concert performance. According to Salon, Ozzy is incontinent -- and the reason that buckets of water are dumped on him on stage is so that the audience can't see the consequences of his bladder-control problems. We think prayer would be insufficient to get us to perform live if we suffered from this problem.