OK, so some other people claimed 'Survivor 7' would take place in Mexico, and it turned out they were wrong. However, RealityTVWorld.com has received an exclusive tip that one reality show is currently taking place in Mexico: the next edition of ABC's Celebrity Mole.

According to our source, Celebrity Mole 2 (also known as The Mole 4) is currently filming at the luxurious Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret Resort & Spa in the ancestral Mayan center of Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen, about an hour from Cancun. The tipster listed Dennis Rodman, Tracey Gold, Mark Curry and "two women" among the contestants, with Ahmad Rashad returning as host. Also, Celebrity Mole Hawaii victims Stephen Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen were present, perhaps as "commentators" about the misadventures of this group

ABC and Stone Stanley had previously announced a second 'Celebrity Mole', and this tip is consistent with the shooting schedule contemplated at that time. Nevertheless, we are currently unable to verify this report. If we receive further information from anyone making trips to Playa del Carmen (or if anyone would like to subsidize us making a trip to Playa del Carmen), we'll post updates here. Stay tuned.