According to Online Casino News, the finale of American Idol should be close, but the bookies are giving a slight edge to Ruben Studdard, the plus-sized soul crooner, over Clay Aiken when the final results are announced on Wednesday, May 21.

According to, both Ruben and Clay are odds-on picks, while Kimberly Locke, who was booted this past Wednesday, was a 10-1 underdog. Currently, the odds on Ruben are 10-to-13 (meaning that you would have to bet $13 dollars on Ruben to win $10), while the odds on Clay are 10-to-11. About 5000 people have placed bets at so far.

Meanwhile, the oddsmaker of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (which is prohibited from accepting bets on the event by Nevada law) made Ruben a slightly greater favorite when queried by MTV. His line made Ruben an odds-on 5-to-7 favorite, with Clay as a 6-to-5 underdog.

Considering the narrow odds on the American Idol finale, it looks like the only guaranteed winners will be the bookies ... as always.

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