Zap2It reports that Paris Hilton might be going to live the The Simple Life, but you can trust her to go out in style. According to Page Six, Before she left last Friday morning, she and her fellow show co-star Nicole Richie filmed a "going-away shopping spree" on Rodeo Drive. Hilton admiringly said, "Nicole is three days sober!" (Richie was caught with heroin earlier this year.)

Additionally, the night before leaving, the two hosted a party where they arrived in a helicopter on the lawn. Paris and her pint-sized pooch, Tinkerbell, were wearing matching Chanel outfits, complete with tiny Chanel shoes for the dog. After the house party, Paris and Nicky joined another set of celebrity siblings, Kelly and Aimee Osbourne, at the Lounge, where Paris made goo-goo eyes at New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.