Is there ever going to be a story about the Osbournes that isn't beset by charges of spin? We're beginning to doubt it.

The Osbourne family and Sony Music have parted company. According to Reuters, both heavy-metal icon Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly Osbourne have left Sony, which has been Ozzy's home for 23 years (since his smash Blizzard of Ozz album) and Kelly's for one album. Family matriarch Sharon Osbourne states that Ozzy and Kelly left the label in January, after longtime Sony head (and Mariah Carey's ex-hubby) Tommy Mottola resigned. Sharon said that her husband and daughter were looking for "fresh ideas."

But ... is Sharon being honest? People have questioned the truth of her statements before. And, as we look a little deeper, we see that this one also seems dubious. For starters, Sharon didn't always say that Kelly had already left Sony. In this BBC report, she stated that she was "negotiating" for Kelly to leave Sony. Hmmm. According to Sharon, she has to negotiate Kelly's release even though Ozzy left? Does that make any sense, considering that Kelly's debut album, demurely entitled Shut Up, sold fewer than 150,000 copies in the U.S.?

Perhaps the real story lies with Kelly. Heavy metal music websites Undercover Music News (from Australia) , Rock Rage and Metal Hammer report that Kelly was actually dropped by Sony due to her poor sales, even though her follow-up CD was almost complete. According to MTV, a story about Kelly's termination by Sony will appear in the upcoming issue of US Weekly. Perhaps that's why Sharon decided to spin her tale for US's main rival, People.

We have no idea who is telling the truth here, but we hope that, at whatever label the Osbournes join, one of the "fresh ideas" is honesty.