A Texas man said he and his children are overjoyed to have their Chihuahua back at home six years after the canine vanished.

Victor Ibarra, 44, of El Paso said the dog, Cinnamon, escaped from a friend's house while he and his ex-wife were going through their divorce six years ago and there was no sign of the dog despite posters put up by Ibarra and his children, the El Paso Times reported Tuesday.

Ibarra said he was surprised Friday when his father received a call from Animal Services saying the dog had been found June 22 in Northeast El Paso. He said his father was contacted because the information on Cinnamon's microchip was outdated and Animal Services officials had to track him down.

"I called my kids and said, 'I think they found Cinnamon,'" Ibarra said. "We went down there [to the Animal Services office] and it was her, only she's a lot older now."

"It's kind of a miracle," he said. "Even after a year, you kind of lose hope."

Ibarra said it appeared someone had been taking care of the long-lost pooch.

"They kept her healthy and took care of her, but I don't think they took her to a vet," Ibarra said. "If they would have taken her to a vet, they would have scanned her."