Ex-Groupon Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mason says his album of business-themed pop songs released Tuesday is meant to pass along a little workplace wisdom.

Mason came up with seven songs for his "Hardly Workin" album, the Chicago Tribune reported. Among the tunes on the digital record are "My Door is Always Open," "The Way to Work," "Look No Further," "K.I.S.S." and "It's Up to Us."

"I managed over 12,000 people at Groupon, most under the age of 25. One thing that surprised me was that many would arrive at orientation with minimal understanding of basic business wisdom," Mason said in a blog post explaining what he intends to accomplish with his album.

"Executives, mid-level management, and front-line employees are all sure to find valuable takeaways. I've probably listened to the album over a dozen times now, and with each spin I feel like I learn something."

Music producer Don Gehman, who has collaborated with John Mellencamp, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Blues Traveler, assembled professional musicians to back Mason on the record, the Tribune said.