The producers of the online version of "One Life to Live" say characters on the Pennsylvania-set soap opera will no longer be heard swearing.

"Holy [expletive]! The fans have spoken. No more cursing on 'One Life to Live' starting today," Prospect Park and The Online Network said in a statement posted on YouTube Thursday. "To commemorate the last 6 weeks of all the foul-mouthed moments, WATCH THIS!"

The message bore the warning "explicit language" and introduced a hilarious video clip showing various "OLTL" characters demonstrating their cursing skills in scenes from the show.

The series was revived this spring as a streaming Internet property. ABC canceled the soap as a weekday daytime serial in 2011.

During its run on broadcast television, numerous words were banned. However, many of the expletives have been woven into the dialogue of the new online version of the soap in recent weeks.