The latest appearance of cats on the Internet is a cat, instead of a cap, on a graduation cake picture of a recent college graduate in Zionsville, Ind.

Carol Gambrel ordered a cake to celebrate her daughter Laura's graduation from Indiana University, specifying "Congratulations Laura!" to be written in icing and an icing-drawn "cap" on the head of the photograph of Laura she supplied.

The bakery spelled the words correctly but drew a sitting cat where the cap should be, WBBM-TV, Chicago, reported Wednesday.

Although the bakery offered to correct the mistake, the Gambrels said they saw the humor in it, left the cake alone and their photo of the "cat cake" is a viral Internet sensation.

"When I went to pick it up at the store I couldn't stop laughing," Carol Gambrel told ABC's "Good Morning America."

"I told them not to scrape it off," she said.