A Dutch civic group has offered a reward of almost $26,000 for the return of silver medallions the group says were mistakenly thrown out by a bank worker.

The Sint Sebastianus civic guard group, which traces its beginnings to 1617, says the medallions were accidentally tossed in the garbage at a Rabobank branch in Limburg, DutchNews.nl reported Friday.

Bank officials said they have launched an investigation into why 220 hand-engraved silver shields were not in their usual secure place.

"This should never happened," Joop Sprenger, chief of the Rabobank Parkstad Limburg.

Group members said they hoped to have the medallions back by Sunday for an annual procession through the town of Limburg.

The leader of the group will be wearing at least one of the medallions during the parade -- one that was not discarded because it had been damaged and shipped away for repairs.