Songwriter Norman "Ace" West wants Aretha Franklin to testify in his lawsuit in Detroit against her publishing company for allegedly withholding royalties.

West, 46, accuses Springtime Publishing Inc. of refusing to pay royalties for the use of his song "Put It Back Together Again" on Franklin's 2011 album, "A Woman Falling Out of Love," court documents show.

West said Springtime also fraudulently claimed an interest in one of his earlier songs, "Watch My Back."

A jury trial for the case is scheduled to begin Oct. 29 in federal court in Detroit, The Detroit News reported Sunday.

On West's witness list is Franklin, whom he wants to question about the "circumstances surrounding the creation, performance, licensing, or authorization to allow any third party to perform or create a 'cover' version" of the songs."

Springtime lawyer David Bennett said the publishing company is protected by the statute of limitations for breach of contract.

West filed the lawsuit in October after the two parties failed to negotiate a resolution to the claims, the newspaper said.