Michael Nader will reprise his role of Dimitri Marick on the web version of the U.S. soap opera "All My Children," The OnLine Network announced.

The character will return to the series June 3 after a decade-long absence.

"Brooke English, played by actress Julia Barr, has offered Dimitri a job as head of one of Chandler Enterprises new divisions -- Chandler Media -- which he gratefully accepts. How will Pine Valley residents react to Dimitri's return after all these years?" a release said.

"I got a call from executive producer Ginger Smith who said Prospect Park is relaunching 'All My Children' online. She said, 'We'd love for you to come back.' And I said, 'You want me, you got me.' Being back, is like being home," Nader said in a statement Monday.