Pierce Brosnan says Keely, his wife of nearly 12 years, is remarkably understanding when it comes to his romancing actresses on the big screen.

The former James Bond star can now be seen opposite Danish actress Trine Dyrholm in the romantic comedy "Love is All You Need."

Asked how the real-life mother of his two youngest sons feels about his cinematic dalliances, the 59-year-old Brosnan told reporters in New York recently, "My wife calls it 'legal cheating.'

"She said this at a dinner party once and I just about choked on my shrimp," he laughed. "I'm a lucky guy, what can I say? Women are beautiful and it's just a great job that I have to be able to fall in love and play out the romance of life and the sexuality of life, however, if I were to go down every avenue, I wouldn't be here. I'm not very good at such a job as going out there and leading such a life. I want to have my cake and eat it, so to speak. It's lovely being out there with Trine or whatever leading lady and make movies and make romance, but I like the stability of one woman and family and the continuity of that."

Directed by Susanne Bier, "Love is All You Need" was released in Europe as "The Bald Hairdresser." It is about Ida, a woman in Denmark who discovers her husband is cheating on her as she battles breast cancer and prepares for the wedding of her daughter in Italy. Brosnan plays the groom's father, Philip, a man who initially irks, then intrigues Ida, who is played by Dyrholm.

So, how does starring in this low-budget film-festival favorite measure up to playing the lead in an action blockbuster?

"This is just delightful to play in this kind of work. Action films can be like watching paint dry. You can just die in the trailer waiting for them to set up a shot, then you go out for a few minutes or an hour of endurance testing," Brosnan joked.

"However, I love making movies -- action movies, dramas, comedies. I'm an actor. Always have been, always will be," he said. "So, the joy of [making] action movies, I have the patience to do it, and the want and desire to do it. I'm about to go off to Serbia and do my own spy movie. Finally, I have the director I want. Roger Donaldson. We're going to do a piece called 'November Man.' So, I shall jump back into that arena. But a film like 'Love is All You Need" has such warmth and heart and is like a warm embrace of a film."

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The actor-producer said "November Man," based on a series of books by Bill Granger, is to start shooting this month in Belgrade, Serbia.

"It's the older-spy, younger-spy [story.] The script is well-written. ... We've had the rights for some years now and finally all the roads point in the same direction, so we're going to do it. Why not? If not now, then when?" he said.

"I think there's enough room on the stage for another spy. Daniel can't have it all to himself. Really!" Brosnan said, referring to his James Bond successor Daniel Craig.