A group of experts convened by the British government recommended hotels reduce the size of their buffet plates to cut down on food waste.

The Behavioral Insights Team, a group of experts gathered by the government to "nudge" people into changing their habits, said the "impressive results" of Norwegian organization GreeNudge's study into hotel buffets found using smaller plates while reminding customers that they can come back for more helpings was effective in reducing waste from uneaten food, the London Evening Standard reported Wednesday.

"Hotel guest satisfaction remained the same," the team said.

The group said the study found food waste was cut by 19.5 percent at hotels that reduced the size of their plates.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said officials are aiming to make the "nudge unit" a joint effort between the government and a commercial partner.

"We are in a global race for the jobs and opportunities of the future. To get Britain back on the rise we must find innovative ways to deliver better services more efficiently," a Maude spokesman said.