"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes said she is engaged to Greg Leakes, who she divorced in 2011.

NeNe, who stars in the sitcom "New Normal," broke the news Thursday in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

She had posted photos on Twitter from New Year's Eve of rose petals, champagne and strawberries with two cryptic messages: "My answer was" and "yes."

NeNe told Fallon the question to her answer was "Will you marry me again?"

NeNe and Greg met in 1996 and were married in 1997.

NeNe told "The Talk" last month that perhaps her career with "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality show, which began in 2008, could have caused a problem in their marriage.

"I am not sure if Greg was ready to see me as his wife out in the forefront, making my own money, doing my own thing," she said. "That was very difficult for him and I felt like Greg wasn't doing all the things that he should be doing as a husband, and I decided to divorce Greg.

"Because I am so vocal, I felt like I was accused of doing something wrong in our relationship ... and actually it wasn't me, to be honest, Greg did something I did not approve of," she said.