An Australian mother said her 3-year-old son found some eggs and hid them in his wardrobe -- and they hatched into seven of the world's most deadly snakes.

Donna Sim of Townsville, Queensland, said she opened the wardrobe belonging to her son, Kyle Cumming, Monday and discovered what she learned were eastern brown snakes in a takeout container she had given him when he found the eggs, Sky News reported Friday.

Experts say the eastern brown is one the most deadly species in the world.

Steve Wilson, Queensland Museum information officer and snake expert, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. the snakes could have been deadly even at their young age.

"Any venomous snake, as soon as it hatches, has all the apparatus to deliver venom because the first thing they have to do is catch and kill prey -- it's a perfect replica of an adult snake," Wilson said. "Brown snakes are highly venomous and a baby brown could potentially kill or at least seriously harm a human being -- adult or child."

The snakes were taken to the Billabong sanctuary, where wildlife rangers said they will be released into the wild.