A young Australian man photographed driving on Christmas Eve with his feet out the window came forward Wednesday, police in Melbourne said.

A spokeswoman said no charges had been brought because the incident is still under investigation, The Age reported. But Bernie Rankin, an inspector who talked to reporters before the driver came forward, said the incident is no laughing matter.

"This stupidity just astounds us," Rankin said. "This young man, his behavior without any further examination, is conduct endangering life. That's a very serious charge."

The driver who spotted and photographed the feet out the window gave the snapshots to News Limited, parent company of the Herald Sun of Melbourne. He was driving a Volkswagen Golf with P-plates, which indicate a new driver.

A photograph shows bare feet pushed out the window. It was taken by a man who would only give his first name, Stewart, who said the other car was exceeding the speed limit.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Stewart said. "I thought: If his right foot's outside the window, how is he accelerating? Then I saw both feet out of the window and I thought -- bloody hell."