Four ambitious villagers in Sweden -- the only four residents in town -- say they are building a mega-mall.

The only four people who live in the tiny village of Langflon, Sweden, located on the border with Norway, already operate a grocery store that attracts their Norwegian neighbors in droves.

The grocery store, which employs 20 people -- four times the number of residents in Langflon -- led the entrepreneurs to think bigger, said Wednesday.

"Of course it is crazy. I'm sure there's not a mall like it in such a tiny village anywhere in the world," developer Morten Johanen said.

Norwegian shoppers cross the border to take advantage of the currency exchange rate. Shoppers at the mid-sized grocery store said they would definitely shop at a mall if the villagers built it.

"It will be super," predicted Norwegian shoppers Gerd and Bertil Braten. "We save so much money on food here in Sweden. But what us Norwegians really want is for them to start selling alcohol."