A Los Angeles judge ruled actress Halle Berry cannot permanently move her daughter to France, away from her father, who lives in California.

Berry, who is engaged to actor Olivier Martinez, requested the move because she believed stricter paparazzi laws in France made it a safer place to raise her daughter, Nahla, People magazine reported.

The judge Friday declined to permit the move so far away from Nahla's father -- Berry's ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, TMZ reported. Aubry is a Canadian actor and model who primarily works out of Los Angeles.

Berry said she did not want to remove Nahla from Aubry's life -- she just wanted her daughter to be safer, TMZ said.

Berry and Aubry split in 2010 after dating for four years and subsequently fought over custody issues.

"Our issues were never about fighting for her," Berry said of her daughter at the time. "We both know a child needs both her parents. But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse. We needed a court and a judge to help us work out some of the delicate issues, and I'm so happy we've arrived at that place."