NBC is set to premiere a game show hosted by Howie Mandel called "Take It All," The Hollywood Reporter said.

The show is scheduled to begin Dec. 10 and run each night at 9 p.m. EST until Dec. 14. Two final back-to-back episodes will then run Dec. 17, the trade publication reported Friday.

It was not reported if the show will continue after Dec. 17.

"Take It All" features an as yet unknown number of contestants who are allowed to select and open prizes that could be cars, exotic trips or jewelry. Each new contestant can either open a new prize or steal one that has already been opened.

Once two contestants are left, each can choose either to keep the prize they have, or take it all. If both contestants decide to stick with what they have, both go home with their respective prizes.

If one chooses to keep what they have and the other chooses to take it all, the "take it all" contestant wins both prizes. If both contestants choose to take it all, they both go home empty-handed.