VH1 says it plans to air a four-night countdown special called "100 Greatest Kid Stars," with Catherine Reitman serving as host.

The program, which will feature child stars who were popular during the last 20 years, is to premiere Nov. 29. It will run through Dec. 2.

"From the fresh faces of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Dakota Fanning and Elijah Wood to today's biggest adult stars like Anna Paquin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Britney Spears, Michelle Williams and Macaulay Culkin, VH1's '100 Greatest Kid Stars' countdown boasts some of the biggest names of the last two decades and the movies and shows that made them famous," VH1 said in a synopsis. "Relive the glory days of 'Full House,' 'My So Called Life,' 'Family Matters,' 'Home Alone,' 'The Parent Trap' and many, many more."