Police in Florida said a man ran off with $29 dropped by a Home Depot customer and used the cash to buy crack cocaine.

Tamarac police said Michael Futerman, 57, who was ordered held in lieu of $3,625 bond during a court hearing Thursday, grabbed the cash from the floor of the store Monday when Ruth Mae Facyson dropped it, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Friday.

Investigators said Facyson and an employee confronted Futerman, but he said "finders keepers" before fleeing to the parking lot, where he allegedly struck Facyson on the right leg with his car while leaving.

Facyson said she was not seriously injured.

Police arrested Futerman at his home, where they discovered a small crack rock he said he purchased with the cash he "found" at the store.

Police said they recovered the remaining $3 of Facyson's money.

Futerman was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, petit theft, possession of cocaine and resisting a police officer without violence.