The owner of a New Jersey hair salon staffed by women in bikinis said he has been receiving offers to open franchises around the country.

Jeff Wulkan, who opened Bikini Barbers in Long Branch in February 2011, said his shop has been the subject of a reality TV series -- AXS TV's "Bikini Barbershop: Jersey" -- and has garnered interest from all over the country from people interested in opening franchises, reported Thursday.

Wulkan said about 87 percent of his shop's customers are men, but there are also women and children who get their hair cut by women in bikinis who are also state certified stylists.

"They like the beach theme, especially in the summer," he said. "And we have the fish tank up front, so the kids get a kick out of that."

Wulkan said he is in talks with national producers about the reality series and may start selling franchise rights in the near future.

"I want to be bigger than Hooters and all of the other similar theme businesses. I want to have salons up and down both coasts and in every college town," Wulkan said. "And I think it's about to take off."