The former director of Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" says Bono and The Edge left the production hanging while they toured with U2.

Julie Taymor said in court documents the delays in getting the complex musical ready for its premier were due in large part to the rockers' failure to make needed changes to the score in a timely manner.

The pair, Taymor alleged, failed to attend rehearsals and ignored her e-mail seeking their input on musical numbers, which resulted in the whole production being thrown off schedule. The producers have filed a countersuit against Taymor blaming her for their losses, The Hollywood Reporter said.

"The producers' effort to hold Taymor responsible for damages for failing to make improvements to the show as an author ignores the reality that the conduct of Bono and Edge -- the musical's other primary creative team members -- severely hampered timely improvements to the musical," Taymor's attorneys said in response.

The document alleged Taymor was fired by 8 Legged Productions to cover up the technical challenges facing the show and to mollify both investors and critics as the show faced mounting delays.