U.S. television personality-turned-author Rosie O'Donnell said she won't be granting interviews to discuss her memoirs, "Celebrity Detox."

O'Donnell even reportedly turned down an invitation to promote the book on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Oprah is a force of nature. Her invitation made me cry. Her kind words about the book

reinforces what we all know to be true about her," O'Donnell wrote in her Haiku style in an open letter to Winfrey posted Tuesday on O'Donnell's Web site.

"For now, I decided no interviews about 'Celebrity Detox.' It is too raw. My 'no' has nothing to do with anything, but me, my need to find my place within. ... I do not feel ready

to discuss or defend the things I shared on those 209 pages."

Describing her book as "it is what it is," the former "View" moderator said "the goal always is peace, self-revelation, sharing, learning, teaching, balance, wax on wax off."