A British supermarket chain says it paid its bill and expects the publisher of the Harry Potter books to ship the series finale in time for Saturday's debut.

A spokeswoman for ASDA said Tuesday payment was made to the Bloomsbury publishing house, The Telegraph reported. During the weekend, Bloomsbury said it was not shipping 500,000 copies of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" to ASDA because its account was in arrears, the British newspaper reported.

ASDA, based in Leeds, England, said previously the cancellation was over the chain's plans to sell the final installment of the hugely popular J.K. Rowling's series well below Bloomsbury's recommended price.

"We plan to be home for Britain's best value copy of the book; now the invoicing issue has been resolved we're looking forward to being just that," the ASDA spokeswoman said. "We've not revealed the price of the book yet -- that's a closely guarded secret -- but we have committed to selling it at a price that was affordable for ordinary kids."

In previous reports, ASDA said it planned to sell the book for $18 instead of the recommended $36.

Bloomsbury was not available for comment, The Telegraph said.