O.J. Simpson, in his unaired interview on his unpublished book, said if he had killed his ex-wife in Los Angeles he would have had help from an acquaintance.

The New York Times reported that it obtained four pages of transcript of Simpson's interview with Judith Regan, the editor who handled his book, "If I Did It." The entire project was abandoned after a massive public outcry.

In the interview, Simpson combined details posed as a hypothetical account of the 1994 killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, with claims that he can't remember what happened. He describes going to his ex-wife's house after an acquaintance, identified only as Charlie, came to him with details about her personal life.

Simpson describes grabbing the knife from "Charlie" after Nichole fell during an argument.

Yale Galanter, Simpson's lawyer, says the interview was scripted and was intended as entertainment.

"It was even more than entertainment," Galanter said. "It was entertainment with a purpose, and the purpose was to sell the book."