Jada Chabot, 15, one of nine misfits on the new ABC-TV "Brat Camp'' show, is facing charges after slamming a speedboat into a Massachusetts family.

``I thought we were all gonna die,'' Agenor Moraes of Foxboro, Mass., told the Boston Herald, recalling the moment when he saw Chabot's boat speeding toward his family, who were in an inflatable boat.

Two of the Moraes children were injured in the crash, which occurred while Chabot was pulling her boyfriend on a knee board.

Chabot's parents said they decided to put her on "Brat Camp," which seeks to reform troubled teens by tossing them into a rigorous wilderness program, because she had become impossible to discipline.

The show features the struggles of Chabot and the other "brats" as they battle with the Oregon outdoors and with their own dysfunctional personalities.